NXG Drona library software on (SaaS)

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NXG Drona library software

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NXG Drona library software

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NXG Drona library software

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NXG Drona library software

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NXG Drona library software

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NXG Drona library software

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NXG Drona library software is a one of its kind web based library automation system which is available in both cloud(hosted/SaaS) as well as owned licenses. It can be used to to manage your library in a more efficient way. It can be used by schools, colleges, universities, personal and public libraries. Its a multi-user, multi-purpose library management system keeping in mind ease of use and flexibility in mind.

Following are the features of NXG Drona Library Application –
  • Categorize books in your library (book types).
  • Manage contacts, address & bills of library book suppliers.
  • Maintain the record of different book publishers whose books are available in your library.
  • Print/manage barcode stickers.
  • Add/edit/delete books.
  • Apply discounts on books/bills.
  • Manage student/staff information (for school and college libraries).
  • Issue/return books to/from staff, students, etc. using barcode scanner (optional).
  • Set maximum number of books issue limits for students and staff.
  • Set maximum duration for which a book can be issued after which fine will be charged.
  • Library book demand system (Users can make demand for books & staff will attend the demand)
  • Maintain subscription records for magazines, journals, etc.
  • Maintain subscription records for news papers.
  • Record receipts of different issues of newspapers & magazines and track those editions which are not received.
  • Manage newspapers and magazine suppliers separately.
  • Manage CD/DVDs in the library (purchased separately as well as those received free with books)
  • Keep a track of lost books.
  • Advanced search/filter by book name, publisher, type, subject, etc.
  • Image uploading as well as display of book cover images with dynamic zoom-in/out in search results.
  • Library Card Printing.
  • Backup and download your database any time so as to keep it safe with you.

Following are different reports available in NXG Drona Library application:

  • Monthly books Issue-return register
  • List of currently issued books
  • List books by criteria
  • List of books in the library categorized by suppliers.
  • List of books in the library categorized by types.
  • List of books in the library categorized by branch/subjects (for schools and colleges).
  • Type wise books summary.
  • Branch/subject wise books summary.

Employee Reports –

  • List of employees
  • Books issued to individual employee
  • List of books issued to all employees
  • Employee Issue-return register

Student Reports –

  • List of all students
  • Books issued to individual students
  • List of books issued to all students
  • Student Issue-return register

Periodicals Reports –

  • List all newspapers
  • List all magazines
  • News paper receipt report
  • Magazine receipt report(with publish date and receipt date)

Lost books reports-

  • Books lost by employees
  • Books lost by students
  • All lost books

Why Drona Cloud Library ?

  • Availability - via web browser, even from the comfort of your home.
  • Data security – No need to worry about your data. It is safe with us.
  • On demand availability of resources – If number of books/users increase in your library, you can go for a higher capacity plan any time.
  • Payment terms based on usage – You only pay for what you use.
  • Minimal IT demands – You don’t need to have any servers to setup or networks to configure. Simply put a URL in your browser and start your work.
  • Cross-Platform capable – Drona library cloud application can run on any operating system.