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NXG Smart Restaurant(Restaurant Management Software) is a one stop solution for all your needs related to managing your restaurant business. It has everything that you will ever need in order to manage all the activities in your restaurant right from the comfort of your chair.

Restaurant Billing Features -

  1. Manage Menu items and change the name, rates, shortcuts, etc. at any time.
  2. Add/Edit the different tables and respective waiters in your restaurant.
  3. Check the status of all booked/reserved tables.
  4. Make corrections to bills by changing item names, quantities,etc.
  5. Apply overall discounts to bills
  6. Maintain customer credit accounts and credit any bill whenever its not paid in cash.
  7. Partial bill payment, pay pending bills, view credit status of customers.
  8. Overdue reminders.
  9. Instant restaurant bill printing.

Restaurant payroll/daily wages management features -

  1. Add/edit employee personal details.
  2. Maintain attendance of employees.
  3. Define daily salaries for each separate employee.
  4. Generate salary statement of any individual.
  5. Record advance payments and payment history status.
  6. Allows partial payments to employees.

Stock/Inventory management features -

  1. Add/edit supplier personal and contact details.
  2. Manage kitchen items and their respective rates.
  3. Maintain In-Out flow of kitchen items.
  4. Allows creation of different units for different kitchen items.

Bar features