e-Pariksha (Online Exam Web Application)

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e-Pariksha (Online Exam Web Application) is fully customizable test management software for schools, teachers, government & coaching institutes.

For Institutes, Schools, Colleges, and universities managing the examination has never been easy. With our software, instructors can now manage question papers very easily; it is powerful exam software for both classroom based and online education.

We developed this product with a few simple thoughts in mind - Make it easier to use, make it faster to load and make it highly customizable to suite our customers' needs.

We have already spent thousands of man-hours in developing this learning management system which has evolved over the time of 2 years. We are now at the stage where the platform is so flexible that it can be molded into any form and any feature that our customer may require.

Our initiative required us to be seamless and structured in delivery, while at the same time we had to be flexible in our offering to our clients for their different business needs. We customized our web based software so that we could deliver the final product exactly like they wanted it.

It offers complete solution for online test as well as desktop based test.

  • Add subject
  • Add Questions
  • Conduct Exams for selection process.
  • Evaluate students.
  • Know individual progress made in sessions.
  • Print Result details.

  • Multiple Choice (One answer correct)
  • Multiple Choice (More than one correct)
  • True False
  • Questions have 3 levels of difficulties.
  • Conduct the Test Session for different types of Exam.
  • Conduct Exams for selection process.
  • Evaluate student.
  • Facility for Examiner to set the questions for the examination.
  • Random Question Paper Generation for Manual Exam.
  • Know individual progress made in sessions.
  • Print Result details.
  • Facility to take printout of All Question.
  • All reports related to Test examination.
  • All the results are represented in the format of graphs as well as standard report format.
  • Administrator is able to add Subjects, Questions.
  • Administrative activity is controlled by password.
  • Backup and Recovery of database.
  • Course administrator is able to conduct tests/exams.
  • Export and Import Question Banks.
  • Export the Result sheet to Main Centre.
  • Import Result Sheet at Main Centre.
  • Preparation of Test Center wise result sheet.
  • Compilation of the result sheet of all the test center and Merit list of an individual at the main centre.

On successful Login Admin can:

  • 1) Manage category of exam
  • 2) Manage courses under category
  • 3) Manage subjects under course
  • 4) Manage Questions
  • 5) Manage Question Information
  • 6) Manage Question Data
  • 7) Manage Exam
  • 8) Manage start pages for exams.

From this page Admin is able to save new questions with proper options as A, B, C, D, E.
Admin can save the Marks for correct answer given by student and negative marks to deduct for incorrect answer given by student.
Admin can create questions based on information by selecting the information heading.
Questions can be categorized using proper Course Name and Subject.

Admin can save the extra information about the questions. By selecting proper Course name and subject admin can get list of question under course and subject, where admin can save the information about each question.

From this page Admin is able to create new exam by adding proper questions and details related to exam such as exam name, max time for exam, number of sections in exam, negative marking for exam is used or not

After creating new exam user can search the saved questions and can add or delete the questions to exam.

For the created exams Admin can create the Start page or Instruction/Directions page for exams for showing to students during the exam.

For User:

1) After creating new account user can solve the exam

  • 1) Paid method
  • 2) Free method

Student exam page:
  • 1) Student can pause the test, Save the exam for later and can finish the test after completing the exam.
  • 2) In between exam user can go to Next question or Previous question also student can jump to any question using the question number
  • 3) Student is able to Mark/Unmark the question for their review.
  • 4) Student can hide the clock

  • 5) Student can observe their question options using the Answer Sheet provide in exam. Student is able to jump to questions directly from Answer Sheet
  • 6) Using question list student can see the list of all questions.

Also can search for Answered, Unanswered, and Marked Questions in exam.

After finishing the exam student can see their exam result with following sections

Total Questions, Questions Attempted, Correct Questions, Incorrect Questions, Total Marks, Percentile, Accuracy, Total Time for exam is shown.

Student can see details about each question

Question no, Status and time spent for each question

Section wise Total Questions, Questions Attempted, Correct Questions, Incorrect Questions, Total Marks, Percentile, Accuracy, Total Time for exam is shown.

Student can see their profile details also can update their details.
Can see the details of finished exams ,Can restart the unfinished exams.